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Gabby dreams of becoming an engineer

A dedicated space for artists, designers, coders, and builders

A Home for Creativity in All of Its Forms

The school has provided clubs like robotics, coding, graphic design, and visual arts over the years. For the first time, WSG students will have a purpose-built space for creative expression and innovative thinking. By moving out of the lunchroom and into the Makerspace, we are planning for an exponential growth of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs. We expect new and enhanced partnerships and more capacity for students to explore.

Whether it is specialized technology for coding, design, or robotics, or simply the space and materials for students to sketch, draw, and paint, the Makerspace will have the tools our students need to express themselves and become innovators. They will learn, practice, and fine-tune their abilities and have a stronger foundation to pursue their creative dreams in high school and beyond.

Investing in STEAM programs is critically important for our students. As automation, artificial intelligence, and other technologies continue to shape the workforce, students will need both a foundational understanding of technology and creative problem-solving skills. Growth in biomedical engineering and biotechnology will shape the medical careers expected to be in high demand, digital media creation will continue to expand and talented artists and creators will be needed across many industries, and our economy will require thoughtful, savvy, and ethical leaders to take advantage of the capacity that new technologies will bring. Workers in STEM occupations earn almost double those in other fields, according to recent data, and in the next decade STEM jobs are expected to grow 11%,four times more than other occupations. Jobs in digital design and web development are predicted to grow 16%, while jobs in architecture are projected to grow a steady 5%.

Opportunities to Explore
Computer Science, Coding, and Robotics
Engineering and Design using 3D printers and other tools
Visual arts
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