Where Girls Can Be Themselves

6th grade girls dream of staying friends forever

A shared space for joyful collaboration and connection

Sisterhood Has Room to Take Root

For middle school students, establishing opportunities for healthy independence is an important part of helping our girls develop responsibility and good decision-making, and helps them prepare for high school where they will have even more independence during their school day. The middle school floor will include a special student lounge and study area that will allow our girls a comfortable location to work together on schoolwork, meet in small groups for things like Student Council, and enjoy down time in a safe and open environment. The lounge area includes large windows overlooking the vibrant natural scenery of THEARC Farm and Oxon Creek and is designed to encourage community.

Community and collaboration are at the heart of the WSG experience. As our students discover and expand their own unique skills and talents, they also learn to recognize and celebrate the gifts of their peers and emerge with a strong sense of sisterhood. WSG’s permanent home will include areas for students, faculty and staff, and our greater community to be together with intention.

It’s not just the students who will have new spaces to gather. Collaborative spaces are incorporated throughout the building to ensure that our community has the space to think creatively and work together to support our students and graduates:

  • The teacher workspace and resource room will give teachers a place to work outside of their classrooms and to meet with their colleagues both formally and informally.
  • The family engagement office will be the home to the support staff who work directly with our families, and will not only be a shared workspace for that team, but will also be a place for families to have private meetings and access resources.
  • The library and media center will serve as a dynamic hub for resource access, including traditional books and other printed materials as well as technology resources.
  • Centralized administrative offices will include a conference space alongside collaborative workspaces.
  • The cafeteria and exterior patio area provide a location for larger community gatherings and meetings.
Young Adolescent Development
Middle Schoolers seek independence and autonomy, and want to make their own decisions
In early adolescence, peer relationships become increasingly important
Houses help students build relationships across all grade levels and encourage positive social engagement


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