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Emyko dreams dreams of becoming a doctor

A strong foundation in science will help students like Emyko pursue careers in medicine, engineering, and the sciences

A Fully-Equipped Lab Built for Project-Based Learning

Science education is critically important for girls: women make up only a third of STEM careers, and women of color are particularly underrepresented despite their increasingly high academic achievement. As we prepare students for a future where many traditional career paths will be disrupted by technology, it is increasingly important that our girls have learning experiences that will not only give them the skills to pursue a wide variety of opportunities, but also will help them to see themselves as future scientists, physicians, researchers, analysts, and innovators. Recent studies show that girls’ aptitude for STEM disciplines far exceeds their interest in middle school and high school, despite having the same level of interest as boys in elementary school. Alarmingly, girls often underestimate their science capabilities.

Our new Science Lab will feel like a high school science lab, because it is designed with many of the amenities and tools that typically exist at that level. This will help students to master grade-level content and standards while also providing them with project-based learning and laboratory science experiences to spark their excitement for scientific discovery. When they walk into their 9th grade science classes, they will do so with confidence and familiarity that will help them succeed at increasingly higher levels.

The Science Lab is one of several STEM facilities in our new building. In addition to the MakerSpace, students will also benefit from an outdoor classroom adjacent to THEARC Farm and Oxon Run creek. Outdoor education has been a mainstay of WSGs programming for years thanks to our partnership with Conservation Nation, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Karen Noonan Environmental Education Center, and THEARC Farm. Being even closer to these environmental resources will enrich our science curriculum and elevate our student experience.

Laboratory Features
4 central lab stations to foster small group collaboration
Top-of-the-line equipment and safety features built in
Adjacent prep room and additional material storage to accommodate more complex, extended experimental design
A large, dedicated science lab will increase our ability to develop STEM partnerships
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