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Our Pedagogy: Approach to Teaching and Learning

The Washington School for Girls is a Catholic school. We believe that every child has the capacity to learn and grow.

WSG's curriculum develops young female leaders by encouraging students’ voices and recognizing the individual gifts, talents and potential of each student. Our curriculum is faith-based, individualized, and culturally responsive. We value experiential and inquiry-based learning and seek to instill a commitment within our students to service to the greater community and world.

We adapt to the individual needs of each student by using instructional design that encourages flexible grouping and opportunities for increased support as needed. Assessments are tools used to gather data to measure student growth and, most importantly, inform future instruction. We prefer the use of differentiated assessments because they encourage students to show what they know.

We believe that education is a shared responsibility; teachers, staff, families, community partners, and the student herself all play a key role in ensuring learning and growth. Our student centered culture is responsive to the social-emotional growth of each student. We use positive behavior management systems with a goal of creating young women who are able to make positive decisions for themselves. We challenge all students to take responsibility, persevere in the face of adversity, and demonstrate personal growth.

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WSG Core Values


We believe that the secure environment of WSG assists the faculty and staff in the formation of students who can demonstrate skills of leadership, fortitude and resilience. It is with these qualities that students will engage with the world and exert a positive influence.


We strive for excellence in teaching and learning that develops critical thinking skills and a thirst for knowledge and truth. We believe in expanding the hearts and minds of our students through experiences beyond the classroom.


We believe that God is the source of our lives and strength and so we support all faith expressions and encourage each student’s deepening of her spirituality through the Catholic faith tradition, shared prayer experiences and our school culture.


We believe in God’s goodness and the unique gifts of each student. We encourage each one to respect her own dignity and goodness, as well as that of others, thereby contributing positively to her school and family, country and world.


We believe that children learn when they are happy and feel safe. Therefore, we work to create an environment permeated by joy and attentiveness to the growth of the whole child: body, mind, heart, and spirit.


We are convinced, by teaching and modeling forgiveness, that we can help our students shape an alternative future for our world, one that leads to harmony and peace in our families, our nation, and the global community.


We strive to have both the curriculum and the culture of the school reinforce the value of perseverance. We strive to have the students gain strength from the lives of our three founding women, as well as from the current example of WSG staff and administration, to face inevitable obstacles in their own lives to pursue their goals with faith, vision, resiliency and courage.


We believe that the mark of authentic education is found in the ability and willingness to contribute positively to society and the world. WSG provides numerous concrete experiences that foster an attitude of stewardship and a spirit of generosity within the WSG community and beyond.