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Homepage flyup 1 Joyful pursuit of learning

The Joyful Pursuit of Learning

Individualized and culturally responsive curriculum fosters curiosity.


Homepage flyup 2 3-8 independent

Grades 3-8 All-Scholarship

All accepted students receive a full scholarship.


Home page flyup 3 Faith Based School-edited

An Independent Catholic School

Founded ‘In the Spirit of Courageous Women’.


News & Events

I Belong in the Room Because I Say I Do

I recently hosted a group of female educational leaders as part of our newly formed WSG Education Council. This group is composed of other Heads of Schools, school leaders and… READ MORE
Four Black young women pose smiling

Sisterhood for Life

At the heart of the Washington School for Girls lies a powerful force that isn’t limited by time or location. Sisterhood.  It is a unique blend of support, friendship, and… READ MORE

Leaning on Community

Finding a dedicated, passionate, and qualified person who also fits is essential when looking to fill a teaching role at the Washington School for Girls. Finding the right teacher can… READ MORE


Student-to-teacher ratio means each student is known by her teachers.
65+ area high schools have accepted WSG alumnae, and the majority of students attend selective high schools.


of WSG alumnae have graduated from high school since its founding.
70% of students are Ward 7 & 8 residents. 30% reside in Prince George’s County, MD.
20+ Enrichment clubs offered each year during the Extended Day Program.