WSG is an all-scholarship independent school. We are not a charter or public school, so we do not receive taxpayer dollars. Our school is funded by donors, foundations, and corporations who believe in our mission and our students.

All students accepted to WSG receive a full tuition scholarship, valued at $18,000 per academic year. This scholarship is automatically renewed for each student at the beginning of the academic year. This scholarship also covers the cost of clubs, groups and activities, field-trips, meals and snacks, technology, books, and the majority of school supplies for the entire year. Occasionally, WSG may charge a field trip fee for a special, significant field trip, or other incidentals that are not part of the regular program experience.

Families are asked to pay a $400 annual enrollment and technology fee, and are expected to provide their student with the complete school uniform. We offer discounted per-student rates for families with more than one child enrolled. Flexible payment plans and hardship exceptions will be considered by the Director of Student and Graduate Success.


DC Opportunity Scholarship

WSG is a proud participant in the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. The program provides scholarship vouchers to DC residents who meet specific income requirements.

WSG encourages all applicants who are DC residents to apply for the DC Opportunity Scholarship before enrolling at WSG.

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