Faith Life

As an independent Catholic school, WSG is grounded in the Catholic tradition. Through a combination of daily Morning Prayer, faith celebrations throughout the year, theology courses, and spiritual retreats for each grade level, each student at WSG has the opportunity to explore her relationship with God and her community.

Daily Prayer

Each year, the WSG community shares in a number of crucial religious experiences. We challenge our students to recognize God in one another and in their surroundings and to experience God in a new and vibrant way. Each day begins with Morning Prayer and Devotion; a time set aside for the reading of scripture, reflection, offering of intentions, and song. This time is crucial for our community to join together in faith before embarking on the daily academic journey.

Religious Study

Additionally, each student studies religion and theology as part of the core academic curriculum. This curriculum gives students opportunities for Christian service and various types of religious experiences, including Days of Reflection and Retreats. While our approach is respectful of all students’ religious traditions and beliefs, WSG does require respectful participation in all of the religious and spiritual activities of the school and deems it essential to our holistic program.


students identify as Catholic


opportunities to pray during the school year


all-school celebrations of Mass
Video: Faith Life at WSG

Diamond, Class of 2010

At the age of 15, while studying at Elizabeth Seton High School, Diamond accepted the call to preach and spread the gospel. She became the youngest licensed minister at St. Stephen Baptist Church in 2015. Since then Diamond has served in various ministries at her church and during her time at Hampton University. After graduating from Hampton, she earned her Masters in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and now serves as an Associate Pastor at a congregation in Nashville, TN.