Poetry Slam 2013

On February 12, WMSG students from both The VIEW Campus and THEARC Campus hosted the annual Poetry Slam, featuring notable and original works about our Core Values. While all the work was spectacular, here are some highlights:

“2036” (Confidence)

My goal in life is to succeed

My plan in life is to be in the oval office seat

Me as your president

Can you believe

President. Christina Nicole

That is what you will be calling me

2036, vote for me

On the ballot I will be

85 to 15

Confidence is the key

And don’t doubt me

And while you’re out there buying sneakers and taking selfie flicks

Remember to vote for me in 2036

But I guess I’ll start in 2014

“History Making” (Excellence)

Wouldn’t it be great to know you made history?

Taniya, the first person to cure cancer

Or to find a hidden planet somewhere out there

Dr. C. won the Nobel Prize for curing cancer has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Dr. C.

Or I’m the youngest actor to ever live

I know that can’t really happen but dream big

Watch I’ll be the next person to make history in the Guinness Book of World Records

Dream big anything can happen!!

“Faith” (Faith)

What is faith?

Is it praying from dawn to dusk?

Or is it giving blessings to those around us?

Is it about love?

Or is it about life?

Well, only you know the answer

Your faith broadcasts and pumps through your veins

Expressing itself more externally rather than internally

But how do you only know the answer?

Because faith is you.

A sheep of the pasture, a compassionate lamb

A vibrant rainbow of miracles ready to expand


You are the start of faith.

God has planted the seed in you

Now grow!

Because one day,

That seed will be miraculous and grow to be the heavens.

God will grin.

“The Knock” (Generosity)

I heard a knock hitting the door with rapid speed

I hid in my room to listen to what’s to come

There it was, it was happening,

They were arguing

All I could make out was someone asking “to sleep on the couch”

I knew my mom didn’t want them there because she said “you’re going to wake up my baby”

She didn’t know I was up,

Spy undercover

But that day my mom let them in, no questions asked

I walked into the room

My mom looked appalled that I was up

The person said his name was Alonzo

“A Dystopian Society” (Peacemaking)

For 5 times a week, Mon-Fri,

I walk home from school, alone with the sky.

Though my community bustles with its strenuous muscles.

As I look to my right,

I spot a man who hustles.

For he made the wrong choice in price

To an upset customer, who doesn’t seem nice.

Suddenly, the crimson flies.

And I’m no longer alone with the skies

A screech on the pavement, the blue men fan,

And then there’s an engagement, of cuff and men

I continue to walk, and on a bench

I see an old man with a cigar stench

I try to go over, to curb his hunger,

But my kindness is met with a searing thunder

“Go away, I don’t need your foul heart”

And I’m met with projectiles as I began to part.

I run home and look out upon my windowsill,

And think to myself “not peaceful still.”