The Gifts of Giving

Posted by Dr. Beth Reaves

Happy 2019! Yes, I know it’s already mid-January, but I’m still getting used to writing the date with a 9 instead of an 8 and to the fact that it’s already mid-January. The end of the year is always a little hectic as everyone prepares for the holidays and makes a last-minute push to wrap-up projects and finalize plans for the new year. And so, it seems inevitable that I’ve fallen behind on this blog – my apologies. I hope you’ll indulge me as I rewind a bit to get my bearings on an eventful, but now past 2018 and an exciting 2019, brimming with possibilities.


One of the many things that kept me busy in November and December was our year-end fundraising. As you probably know, WSG is a donor-funded school; all of our students receive full scholarships thanks to the generosity and support of community members, foundations, and other charitable organizations. The end of the year is when we receive most of our donations, and when I have an opportunity to connect with many of our supporters to thank them and tell them how much their gift means to our students, our staff, and our community. As I made phone calls and wrote cards to the many people who make our school possible, I was struck by how the spirit of giving permeates our school, and not just during the holiday season. All year long, we receive and we give back, creating a cycle of giving – generosity begetting generosity.

WSG’s donors and volunteers offer funding and support to ensure that we, in turn, can provide wages to our staff and educational programming and services to our students and families. The generosity of our supporters not only provide the resources to operate every aspect of the school, but also inspire our faculty and staff to give more time and more of themselves to our students. They stay late to attend school events and support their students, volunteer to run extracurricular activities, offer extra tutoring, organize fun student activities outside of the school day, and teach our students through word and deed the value and importance of giving fully of oneself. And continuing this spirit of giving, our students and families volunteer for service in their community, collect food and supplies for charity, and even give back to WSG with their time and efforts.

By modeling and teaching generosity, we instill in our students that kindness and love grow when we share what we have with others. We are committed to the development of our students into well-rounded, competent, and compassionate young women who will make their communities and the world better through their talents, leadership, and goodness. We hope to inspire them to do more for their families and communities as they mature into courageous women, teachers, mothers, and leaders. Through their growth, we know that the cycle endures and that the gifts of giving will continue to multiply.