Posted by Dr. Beth Reaves

As I watch the autumnal chase of red, yellow and orange on what is turning out to be a rather blustery November day, I am reminded that the march of time is inexorable; we are somehow charging into December with the taste of pumpkin spice barely on our lips. I guess winter is coming after all and with it the end of the year and a season of reflection.

I am only 15 months into my tenure as President at WSG, but I have certainly been busy over the past year. I feel as though I have only had time to do and hardly any time to think. Fortunately, with the long Thanksgiving break, I have carved out a little space for myself to reflect on the things that have made this year special. And as one is wont to do when one contemplates the recent past (or even the long ago past), I created a list of all the things that have touched my heart, enlightened my mind, and generally made me happy to be a part of the WSG community in 2018. As with any good list, or blog for that matter, you can expect a little suspense with the count down to number one – enjoy!

No. 5: Gatherings

I love the moments that bring our entire school – students, faculty, and staff – together as one community! Because we are usually separated by a stretch of highway on our two campuses, it often feels as though we are two different schools. Sure, it’s just a little over a mile to get from one campus to the other, but somedays the distance seems to grow depending on the weather, the students’ mood, and the number of meetings piled up on my calendar. But that’s what makes our little get-togethers so memorable.

This year, I have particularly enjoyed our Mass celebrations on Holy Days of Obligation and our Founder’s Day picnic in April. On Mass days, it always warms my heart to see the sanctuary of the church filled with our girls, singing, reciting prayers, and holding hands in worship and fellowship with teachers, staff, parents, and community members. But I also enjoy seeing our girls letting loose and having fun, and Founder’s Day is a great opportunity for everyone to go outside and enjoy the spring sunshine together. This past April, we held Founder’s Day in our newly finished outdoor classroom and grilled outside for a picnic lunch. The whole day turned out beautifully, and we even got a rare photo of the entire school community. (Hint: you’ll find the photo in our annual report!)

When all of us at WSG gather together in one place it is a truly momentous occasion filled with laughter and good cheer. During our pre-Thanksgiving staff potluck and celebration, I was struck by how much joy we derive from seeing one another and reconnecting with those who share our vision and mission. That joy is a reflection of our students’ joy when they join together with us to learn, pray, and celebrate all that we have to give to each other and the loving care and support that makes us a truly blessed community.