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Homepage flyup 1 Joyful pursuit of learning

The Joyful Pursuit of Learning

Individualized and culturally responsive curriculum fosters curiosity.


Homepage flyup 2 3-8 independent

Grades 3-8 All-Scholarship

All accepted students receive a full scholarship.


Home page flyup 3 Faith Based School-edited

An Independent Catholic School

Founded ‘In the Spirit of Courageous Women’.


News & Events

Four Black young women pose smiling

Sisterhood for Life

At the heart of the Washington School for Girls lies a powerful force that isn’t limited by time or location. Sisterhood.  It is a unique blend of support, friendship, and… READ MORE

Leaning on Community

Finding a dedicated, passionate, and qualified person who also fits is essential when looking to fill a teaching role at the Washington School for Girls. Finding the right teacher can… READ MORE
Students are in a line holding hands, passing a hula hoop through the line.

A House Full of Sisters

A big part of our school culture is our House system, which we expanded across both campuses this year. Students were recently sorted into one of three houses: Ausdauer (German… READ MORE

New Year, New Joy

Earlier this week, WSG returned to campus for the 2023-2024 school year! We were thrilled to see new and returning students. As is WSG tradition, teachers, staff, and volunteers were… READ MORE


Student-to-teacher ratio means each student is known by her teachers.
65+ area high schools have accepted WSG alumnae, and the majority of students attend selective high schools.


of WSG alumnae have graduated from high school since its founding.
70% of students are Ward 7 & 8 residents. 30% reside in Prince George’s County, MD.
20+ Enrichment clubs offered each year during the Extended Day Program.